5 Reasons for Shopify

5 reasons for Shopify

There are plenty of choices if you want to start with E-commerce. Or, if you are unhappy with your existing platform and want to switch to another one. Here are our top reasons why we recommend Shopify

1 Start small and grow to high volume

Shopify allows you to run an full featured online store from 29$/Month. When the transaction volume increases, you'll have more sophisticated and complex requirements and you can just switch to another licensing plan.

2 It is easy to use

The shop administration is self explanatory. You can easily handle your warehouse, run promotions, process orders and many other tasks without a training. You reduce external dependencies from agencies for running your business and mange your online business inhouse.

3 You don't deal with technology, servers, etc. at all

Shopify is cloud based, hence no own technical infrastructure is necessary. You just need a browser to adminster Shopify. No need to think about scaling, handling sale peaks, choosing a hoster, security, updates...

4 Launch a professional online store within an hour

The statement above is a bit unfair, because a professional online store needs a concept and must be customized to your business's specific needs. But, setting-up the storefront, shipment, payment options, entering a couple of products are all tasks which usually take rather minutes than hours.

5 1,000s of add-ons, lots of design options

Shopify has an appstore with 1,000s of apps which allow virtually unlimited options for additional functionality and integration with business processes. All kinds of scenarios are covered by apps, ranging from logistics, inventory, marketing to analytics... Shopify also maintains a theme store for different designs.